Unframed print prices vary ($40 - $500) depending on the size and mounting selection. 

Please contact the artist for prices.  Purchase prices do NOT include shipping costs.

Note:  Refunds are available if prints are returned in their original condition within 30 days.

Please contact the artist at if you have any special requests or

questions about specific works or the processes used to create them.


Sizes vary from 16" x 20" to 24" x 36" and may be ordered in any size in between. 

Larger  sizes may obtained upon special request (increased prices for larger sizes).


The web images do not truly reflect the sharpness and richness of the actual prints. All images have subtle

surface textures that are not easily seen on computer screen images.



Information on Digital Painting & Printmaking

        Each printed image is an original created and printed by the artist - edition quantities vary,

but are strictly limited to not more than 10-20 prints per print size.

The flexibility of digital printmaking allows the easy production of custom editions for specific applications. 

Digital software used:  Adobe PhotoShop/Corel PhotoPaint

Each print has a limited edition of a specific quantity (i.e., 10-100 prints).  Usually, each print has no "physical"

origin (i.e., a painting or drawing on canvas or paper). Because each image is created in and printed from a

digital file, there are no "copies."  Each print is an original from the same file.


If you purchase an image with an edition of 10, you know it is one of only 10 originals. This increases the

value of your investment. Each print is numbered by edition.  For example, an edition number of "12/100"

indicates the print was the 12th of 100 total images printed from the same digital file. 


The same print images may be larger or smaller, or printed on different media.  The size and media may be

specified by the purchaser.  Images are printed on museum-quality archival paper, using inks guaranteed to

remain color-fast for at least 100 years.  As with most other printed images, colors may fade if the artwork is

hung in direct bright light.  If a purchased image should fade for any reason, it will be replaced

free of charge.


        The printing process results in an archival pigment print.  This is a relatively new form of fine art reproduction,

and is currently widely accepted in fine art galleries world wide. 


 The inks have been tested under normal lighting conditions to emulate exposure up to one hundred

years (depending on the ink and the paper used) before any noticeable fading occurs. 

This is a greater life span than some original gallery master works of art on paper.

Altkunst images are printed by the artist using an Epson Stylus Professional 7800 commercial/fine art printer.    

Images are printed on 100% rag (Museum Quality) Archival paper or canvas.

Finished prints are coated with a clear acrylic gel, making them impervious to moisture or smearing.


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